Visit Oslo Vegetarfestival

Welcome to a weekend packed with the best plant-based food, exciting talks, inspiring cooking classes and a legendary atmosphere.

We're the festival for plant-based food

We aim to inspire people to eat more plant-based, whether they do it for the environment, for the animals, for their own health or just because it's so tasty!

Oslo Vegetarfestival is the food festival where you get to experience the tastes, smells and pleasures of plant-based food. Whether you're a hard core meat eater, vegan or vegetarian - we are the festival for you to experience and enjoy delicious plant flavours!

Bilde av to fornøyde festivaldeltagere med drikke

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With a ticket to the festival you'll get access to all cooking classes, lectures, the market and the food court. Attend all activities and enjoy a weekend of everything plant-based!

Where, when and tickets

Oslo Vegetarfestival is arranged on 24 and 25 May 2025 in the idyllic Kubaparken in central Oslo. Kubaparken is located close to Grünerløkka and next to Vulkan.

The festival is open from 11 am until 6 pm both days.

We encourage you to buy tickets in advance. With a pre-purchased ticket you can use a faster lane and will get quicker access to the festival. If you buy your tickets early you'll even get an early-bird discount!

You can also buy your tickets at the entrance, but please be advised that we only accept card payment (no cash!)

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What to expect at the festival

Expect to enjoy tasty food, to discover new food and to be inspired by top-notch cooking classes and lectures! At the festival you can attend 20+ cooking classes and lectures and browse the market with 90+ exhibitors and food stalls.

Oslo Vegetarfestival is Scandinavia's largest plant-based event

Everything sold and handed out at the festival is vegan. Many exhibitors attend the festival to promote their tasty products so expect to eat lot of samples and bring some home as well.

We also encourage you to just enjoy the park, relax on the grass and take in the friendly and idyllic atmosphere of the festival!

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Frequently asked questions

What's included in the ticket?

With a ticket you'll get full access to everything on the festival. You can visit all cooking classes, lectures, food court, market and all activities.

Can I pay with cash at the festival?

In short - no.

If you're planning on buying your ticket in the entrance instead on pre-purchasing, you need to pay with card or Vipps. We don't accept cash.

On the festival area most exhibitors only accept card, Vipps or similar. Even though some exhibitors might accept cash, we strongly recommend you not to depend on cash.

Card (and tofu) is king!

Is everything vegan?

Yes, we are a vegan festival. Everything that is sold, served or given out is required to be vegan. Enjoy a weekend of plant-based foods and drinks!

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we love dogs! But make sure your furry friend is comfortable with people, other dogs and the heat. We have a water station which can be used to fill water for you and your dog.

How do I volunteer?

Yes, we'd love to have you on our team! As a volunteer you'll get to meet lots of other lovely people with an enthusiasm for evertyhing plant-based.

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